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We believe in persuading mother earth to help us thrive. Smart farming is the elegant solution for global issues of climate change and health.

Green Star assists you with prioritized and differentiated strategies to accelerate, sustain, and innovate growth cycles and farming practices.


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MITHRA is a systematically engineered and carefully sequenced 100% organic pesticide. It ensures healthy crops and secures a healthy future to society. .

MITHRA was developed after several practical experiments on different variety of crops in order to curate the perfect blend of organic fertilizer/manure.
MITHRA while acting as the best friend to your crops provides multitudinous advantages.

  • It prevents all kinds of pests from infesting the crop and fortifies plant health.

  • Helps in sustained pest control and eradication from the all kinds of crops.
  • With a unique mode of action MITHRA acts as an insect growth regulator and prevents molting of  larvae.

  • Using it will guarantee that crops are primed for maximum nutrient uptake.

Our Vision

We believe that innovative agriculture is the only way to simultaneously achieve the global millennial goals of eco-sustainability and economically viable agricultural development.

Over 1000 Agriculture projects completed

Implementation of over 1000 projects have been completed in both public and private sectors.


Agriculture Projects

Tonnes Organic Vegetables Produced Every Year

What we offer

Drip Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation

Garden Setting

Rain shelter cultivation

Terrace Farming

Grow Bag cultivation

Mulching Sheet Cultivation

Polyhouse Cultivation

Ventury System


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